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Defibtech Lifeline Cabinet Bundle

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25.00 LBS
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Included in this Package:

1 - Defibtech Lifeline AED
1 - Set of Adult Defibrillation Pads (2 year shelf life)
1 - AED Battery (5 year shelf life)
1 - 9V Battery
1 - Rescue Kit
1 - Soft Carry Case
1 - Alarmed Wall Mount Cabinet
1 - AED Wall Sign
1- Operator's Manual
1- Quick Start Guide
8 Year Manufacturer Warranty
GIFT WITH PURCHASE (inspection tag, facility sticker, maintenance checklist)
FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM! Receive notifications of expiring consumables along with one-on-one customer service and support. Owning an AED has never been easier!



Clear Voice Prompts
Saving lives, while rewarding, can be stressful. A calm voice leads the user through the rescue, clearly and concisely stating each instruction, one step at a time. Brightly lit progress lights provide clear visual text guidance to reinforce voice instructions.

Long Life Battery
Two long life batteries are available: a 5 year battery that will deliver 125 shocks or work continuously for 8 hours or a 7 year battery, unique in the industry, which will deliver 300 shocks or work continuously for 16 hours.

Learn more about the Lifeline AED specifications

Designed for the Real-World
Lightweight, fully integrated design with no lids or moving parts that would confuse or delay a rescue; a roomy handle big enough even for gloved hands, and rubberized surfaces to ensure a sure grip in an emergency.

Active Status Indicator
The actively illuminated status indicator shows unit readiness, to ensure that the unit is ready to perform anytime, everytime.

Highly Visible
"Locate the AED!" Time is of the essence in a rescue. The highly visible yellow color makes the unit easy to locate and deploy

Simple to Use
Simple, clear and straightforward: there are only two-buttons on the unit, a green button to turn the unit on and a red one to shock the patient, if needed. The Lifeline AED: simple and intuitive.

Award-Winning Ergonomic Design
Compact, portable and lightweight the Lifeline AED has won numerous awards for design and innovation. It was even displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as an example of innovative design!

Learn More About Defibtech Awards

Training Companion
The Lifeline AED has a training version of itself: the Defibtech Trainer AED. The Defibtech Trainer AED mimics the Lifeline AED in form and function, except that all rubberized exterior surfaces are red instead of black, to clearly distinguish the unit as a training device. As a result, the user is training with a training device that truly feels like the real thing.

Learn more about the Trainer AED

Rugged and Durable
Extremely durable; manufactured to withstand dust and water ingress; tested to military standards for shock and vibration; jet aircraft and helicopter tested

Easy to Record, Transfer Data and Upgrade
Data from the unit is recorded and easily retrieved from the device using a data card. As protocols change over time, your unit can be upgraded in the field simply by inserting a data card.

Safe and Effective Life Saving Technology
The Lifeline AED uses biphasic technology, a clinically proven waveform and algorithm to deliver shocks and save lives. This is one of the most widely used impedance compensated waveforms which has extensive clinical experience-and success-in thousands of defibrillators around the world. Evaluation in hundreds of publications has demonstrated this technology to be the safest and most effective when it comes to saving lives.

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COVERAGE Defibtech, LLC provides a limited warranty that the defibrillator and its associated accessories (e.g., batteries and pads), whether purchased concurrently with the defibrillator as part of a configuration or separately, shall be substantially free from defects in material and workmanship. Defibtech’s limited warranty shall only extend to the original end user, where the original end user purchased the items from an authorized Defibtech, LLC retailer. This limited warranty may not be assigned or transferred. The terms of the Limited Warranty in effect as of the date of original purchase shall apply to any warranty claims. LENGTH OF WARRANTY The defibrillator’s limited warranty is for a period of eight (8) years from the date of purchase. The battery’s limited warranty is for a period of four (4) years from the date of purchase, but in no event shall the limited warranty period extend past the date printed on the battery. Single use accessories (e.g., the pads) shall have a limited warranty up to use or for a period up to the expiration date, whichever is earlier. The limited warranty for all other accessories is for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, or to the expiration date, whichever is earlier. LIMITED WARRANTY LIMITATIONS This limited warranty does not cover damage of any sort resulting from, but not limited to, accidents, improper storage, improper operation, alterations, unauthorized service, tampering, abuse, neglect, fire, flood, war, or acts of God. Additionally, this limited warranty does not cover damage of any sort to the defibrillator or its associated accessories resulting from the use of the defibrillator with unapproved accessories or use of the accessories with unapproved medical devices. The defibrillator and its associated accessories are not warranted to be compatible with any other medical device. LIMITED WARRANTY VOIDED The limited warranty is immediately voided if: the defibrillator or its associated accessories are serviced or repaired by any entity, including persons, not authorized by Defibtech, LLC; specified maintenance is not performed; the defibrillator is used with one, or more, unauthorized accessories; the associated accessories are used with an unauthorized defibrillator; or the defibrillator or associated accessories are not used in accordance with Defibtech, LLC approved instructions. EXCLUSIVE REMEDY At Defibtech, LLC’s sole discretion, Defibtech shall have the option to repair, replace, or provide a credit. In the event of replacement, Defibtech shall have the right at its sole discretion to replace the item with a new, or refurbished, same or similar item. Determination of a similar item shall be at the sole discretion of Defibtech. In the case of replacement, the replacement at a minimum shall reflect the prorated time remaining for the item based on the remaining limited warranty period. In the case of a credit, the credit shall be the prorated value of the item based on the lower of the original item cost of the same or similar item and the remaining limited warranty period. In no event, shall the limited warranty period of a replacement item extend past the limited warranty period of the item it is replacing. WARRANTY SERVICE In order to obtain warranty service, contact the retailer from whom the item was purchased, or Defibtech, LLC customer service. In the event an item must be returned, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required. Items returned without an RMA number will not be accepted. The item shall be shipped at the original end user’s expense to a destination specified by the retailer or Defibtech, LLC. OBLIGATIONS AND WARRANTY LIMITS THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF AND SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES AND REPLACES, TO THE DEGREE PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE STATE LAW, ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NO PERSON (INCLUDING ANY AGENT, DEALER, OR REPRESENTATIVE OF DEFIBTECH, LLC) IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY CONCERNING THE DEFIBRILLATOR OR ITS ASSOCIATED ACCESSORIES, EXCEPT TO REFER TO THIS LIMITED WARR ANT Y. THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL LOSSES OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER SHALL BE AS SPECIFIED ABOVE. DEFIBTECH, LLC SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, EXEMPLARY DAMAGES, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, COMMERCIAL LOSS FROM ANY CAUSE, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION OF ANY NATURE, LOSS OF PROFITS OR PERSONAL INJURY, EVEN IF DEFIBTECH, LLC HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITIES OF SUCH DAMAGES, HOWEVER OCCASIONED, WHETHER BY NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE, UNLESS APPLICABLE STATE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW SUCH EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION.
Returns Policy

Product returns require the Seller’s prior written permission and issuance of a return material authorization number (RMA) before any product is returned and must be within 30 days. Contact the factory in your country for an RMA number. The factory will review your request. All approved returns must include the original invoice number, freight must be prepaid, and the return must be received less than 6 months after the original shipment date. Seller has the right to refuse to accept the return of any goods. Goods that are made to order, special orders, of obsolete design, or used goods will not be accepted for return. All return credits, if, as, and when issued, and except in the case of Seller’s shipping error, will be subject to Seller’s normal minimum return charge of 30% . Final acceptance of returned goods is subject to examination at the factory, including such examination as is required to determine the condition of goods. All returned goods remain the customer’s property and responsibility until such time (if any) as a credit memo has been issued. Seller will notify Buyer with reasonable promptness if a decision has been made not to issue credit. Any refund issued will be less freight any and all applicable freight charges. Any debit note amount that is deducted from payment without an accompanying Seller-issued credit note will be re-invoiced with a $50.00 surcharge for each debit note item, plus any applicable interest charges. In such cases it will then be Buyer’s responsibility to provide disposal instructions within five days, failing which returned product and materials will be scrapped. *Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons, fabric face masks may not be returned once shipped.


Our goal is to service all customers, regardless of their nationwide location, in a convenient manner and reasonable time frame.

To achieve this we currently operate a corporate warehouse located in Calgary, AB.

We also work tirelessly to establish strategic partnerships in metro cities and outside our borders to ensure consistent and reliable inventory supply.

Each product line we carry is diverse in terms of size, weight and handling requirements. Because of this we offer a number of delivery options to our customers allowing them to choose the method which meets their needs more closely.

All orders which require shipping to a customer will automatically be sent prepaid with Canada Post unless otherwise specified. Freight charges vary depending on your shipment weight & dimensions, destination address and shipping agreement in place at time of order. If you would like to make alternative shipping arragements please be sure to contact our friendly customer care staff at 1-800-260-6362.

*Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons, fabric face masks may not be returned once shipped.

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