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Zoll AED 3 Cabinet Bundle

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10.00 LBS
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Included in this Package:

1- ZOLL AED 3 (Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic)
1- CPR-UniPadzTM Electrodes (5-year shelf life)
1- ZOLL 3 Battery Pack (5-year shelf life)
1- Alarmed Wall Mount Cabinet
1- AED Wall Sign
1- Operator's Manual
1- Rescue Reference Poster
1- Quick Start Guide
1- Rescue Kit (Includes gloves, scissors, razor, barrier mask, wet/dry wipe)
1- English Default, can be configured to French
6-Year Warranty (additional 2 years at no charge with registration)
GIFT WITH PURCHASE (inspection tag, facility sticker, maintenance checklist)
FREE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM! Receive notifications of expiring consumables along with one-on-one customer service and support. Owning an AED has never been easier!


Optional Accessory (sold separately):
ZOLL AED 3 Carry Case (PN# 8000-001250)



With an intuitive user interface that has clear one-touch buttons and a 2.1 x 3.7-inch color LCD touchscreen with more powerful images to guide the rescuer.The CPR Uni-padz™ Electrodes sense and report the motion of rescuers’ chest compressions to the ZOLL AED 3 so it can guide you to the proper rate and depth with prompts and an on-screen bar gauge.

Personal Coach at Your Side 
During an adult rescue, audio and text prompts let rescuers know when to “Push harder” and when they are doing “Good compressions.” The compression depth bar gauge shows rescuers the depth of each compression in real-time.  The metronome detects compressions and encourages rescuers to compress at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute. On-screen CPR cycle countdown timer to let you know the time remaining in this cycle.

Active Status Indicator
The illuminated GREEN check mark indicates the unit passed its last self-test and is ready for use.  Illuminated RED “X” indicates the unit has failed its self-test and is not ready for use.

Battery Life
The Zoll 3 battery life is good for 140 shocks at max Joule’s output and 6 hours of continuous monitoring. If unused this battery (and the pads) are good for FIVE years with weekly self tests, making the Zoll 3 AED one of the lowest costs of ownership and replacement.

Designed for the Real World
The Zoll 3 CPR Uni-Padz comes in full color with graphics to support the placement of pads on an adult or child. (child placement pairs with the child mode, button found on front of unit) By easily using the interactive touchscreen and onboard USB port, you can reconfigure the Zoll 3, upgrade software to the latest guidelines, and download event data files. This also allows you to configure the unit in multiple languages!

Award Winning Design
The AED 3 has the option to choose from 3 different Joule outputs, 120-150-200J for adults and 50-70-85J for children. The Zoll 3 AED unit can also be utilized in a standing or flat position for optimal visibility.

Rugged and Durable
The AED 3 has one of the BEST ingress protection (IP) rating of IP55 for dust and water! The IP rating enables placement in ideal locations, allowing quick access to an AED for emergencies that may occur outdoors, near water and moisture, or in dusty environments full of small airborne particles. It also passes the one meter drop test for durability!

Readily Recorded Data
Register your ZOLL AED 3 online with ZOLL’s PlusTrac™ AED Program Management System via computer or mobile device. Then easily link your ZOLL AED 3 to your local Wi-Fi. Now that your ZOLL AED 3 is cloud-connected, Program Management Onboard regularly reports the current status to PlusTrac as part of every automatic self-test.

Safe and Effective Life-Saving Technology
ZOLL’s Real CPR Help provides the best support in rescue and has been shown to more than double a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival.1 The ZOLL AED 3 takes Real CPR help to the next level providing even better support to rescuers. Most people have no way to know if they are doing CPR correctly. ZOLL's Real CPR Help is the only technology available that can “see” if compressions are within the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation guidelines and provide real-time feedback to the rescuer. At 8 seconds with a fresh battery, the ZOLL AED 3 is among the fastest at delivering a shock after chest compressions stop. When is high-quality CPR needed most? Right after a shock has been delivered! The most important thing CPR does is deliver oxygenated blood to the HEART. A heart that has just been shocked but is not receiving blood from CPR may not make it. Shocking without CPR is like trying to start a car with a good battery, but no gas in the tank. Once you turn the key, it needs GAS! In a rescue, once the shock is delivered, CPR provides the gas.


  • Zoll AED 3 Cabinet Bundle

    Posted by Don on 29th May 2024

    I'm very happy with this purchase. Everything I needed was in the box. The AED was very easy to set up. The overall purchase through AED Solutions was great.

Warranty ZOLL Medical Corporation (ZOLL) warrants to the Customer that from the date of installation, or thirty (30) days after the date of shipment from ZOLL’s facility, whichever first occurs, the equipment (other than accessories and electrodes) will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years* for hospital based equipment and one (1) year for pre-hospital based equipment. Accessories and electrodes shall be warranted for ninety (90) days from date of shipment. During such period ZOLL will at no charge to the Customer, either repair or replace (at ZOLL’s sole option) any part of the equipment found to be defective in material or workmanship. If ZOLL’s inspection detects no defects in material or workmanship, ZOLL’s regular service charges shall apply. ZOLL shall not be responsible for any equipment defect, the failure of the equipment to perform any specified function, or any other nonconformance of the equipment caused by or attributable to: (i) any modification of the equipment by the Customer, unless such modification is made with the prior written approval of ZOLL; (ii) the use of the equipment with any associated or complementary equipment, accessory or software not supplied by ZOLL; (iii) any misuse or abuse of the equipment; (iv) exposure of the equipment to conditions beyond the environmental, power or operating constraints specified by ZOLL; or (v) installation or wiring of the equipment other than in accordance with ZOLL’s instructions. This warranty does not cover items subject to normal wear and burnout during use, including but not limited to lamps, fuses, batteries, patient cables and accessories. The foregoing warranty does not apply to software included as part of the equipment (including software embodied in read-only memory, known as “firmware”). The foregoing warranty constitutes the exclusive remedy of the Customer and the exclusive liability of ZOLL for any breach of any warranty related to the equipment supplied hereunder. THE WARRANTY SET FORTH HEREIN IS EXCLUSIVE AND ZOLL EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. *5 YEAR WARRANTY APPLIES TO ZOLL AED PLUS™ FOR PUBLIC ACCESS DEFIBRILLATION MARKET. ***If customer enters their AED Plus serial number on the ZOLL website, they will be given an automatic extra 2 years of warranty added onto their 5 year warranty, for a total of 7 years warranty. (Instructions how to do this are included in the box the AED comes in)
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*Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons, fabric face masks may not be returned once shipped.

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